Ancol Beachside Restaurants and Cafes

Long a home to recreational parks, Ancol is gaining respect for a sophisticated new dining scene that has exploded in the area. There are now a number of good restaurants specializing in culinary delights and ocean views. You can enjoy fresh seafood and international fare while cool sea breezes from the Bay of Jakarta refresh you. Whatever you choose to enjoy dining along Ancol’s beautiful beaches, the various cuisines and unique dining styles will create a personal experience that will stay with you long after your vacation in Jakarta.

Segarra Beach Club.


Address: Pantai Karnaval, Jl. Pantai Lodan Timur No. 7, Ancol, Jakarta 14430. Situated at the Karnaval Beach of Ancol, Segarra is endowed with an embracing seascape, spectacular sunset view, refreshing breeze, delicious cuisine, and a spacious open air landscape. The elements blend well to provide an ideal relaxing atmosphere for people who want immediate respite from the hustle and bustle of weary city life. The restaurant’s minimalist decoration allows for a sophisticated culinary experience while displaying the magnificent view of the Jakarta Bay night. There’s seating for 500 here, and you can choose to sit in the restaurant or on the ‘open to the stars’ sea platform. Segarra offers both Asian delicacies and Western food. It has a great variety of dishes, from chili crab to spagheti and pizza.

Le Bridge Cafe

le-bridge-ancolAddress: Kompleks Timur, Dermaga Cinta, Ancol Jakarta Bay City, Ancol. You have to walk a 100 meter-wooden bridge to reach the café. Perched above the sea, Le Bridge offers a cool respite from the heat of the day. At night, it has a completely different feel, with the sound of wind whistling by and the waves crashing below. Nestled under a cool white canvas roof and offering a marvelous Bay view, Le Bridge is definitely one of the most romantic and exclusive cafes in Jakarta. The café offers a fine selection of burgers, sandwiches, chicken and other international cuisine at affordable prices.

Backstage Concert Café.

backstage-ancol2Address: Beach Poll Com2, Ancol Timur, Jakarta Bay City. If you’ve had enough of the sea and would prefer to listen to real music instead of the natural orchestra, you might want to visit Backstage. Combining romanticism and exoticism, the restaurant has a stage surrounded by the sea. The wind and the waves, no matter how strong they are, will not bother you. In this 1,000-seat restaurant, you can enjoy a meal while listening to live music. Backstage Concert Café offers interesting and delicious selections of Indonesian and international food. The café also provides free Wifi internet access to its guests.

Jimbaran Resto

jimbaran-restaurantAddress: Pantai Karnaval, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta 14430. Here, you can see live fish, lobsters, clams, crabs and other sea creatures in tanks just there for the picking, ready to be cooked according to your preference. Jimbaran Restaurant is named after an area in Bali noted for its grilled fish. Located on a one-hectare plot of land with a capacity for 400 diners, the restaurant has a strong Balinese nuance as reflected in the decor, while many of the chefs and staff come from Bali to guarantee the authenticity of the taste. Jimbaran Restaurant’s specialty is grilled fish, which is prepared with various kinds of ingredients.

Bandar Jakarta

bandar-jakartaAddress: Pintu Timur, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta. Bandar Jakarta, literally means “Jakarta Port”, is undoubtedly Ancol’s most famous and biggest restaurant. With seating for 1,100 guests, Bandar Jakarta has a friendly and family style restaurant atmosphere. Due to its popularity with the locals and tourists alike, despite its huge capacity, people sometimes have to wait for a table. You can choose to sit on the beach to enjoy an ocean breeze and the scenic view or take a seat inside the building within a cozy old-batavian atmosphere while eating mouthwatering dishes. Recognized for its seafood, the quality and quantity of its portions are superb. It is really one of the best bargains for seafood lovers.

Dermaga One

dermaga-oneAddress: Pantai Karnaval, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta. Dermaga One is one of the new restaurants in Ancol, offering Sulawesi seafood. The recommended dishes are fried gurame (freshwater carp), grilled baronang (rabbitfish) and spicy sour prawns. All are served with a sauce that is specially prepared with a Sulawesi touch. But of course you can pick your favorite food from the menu, which has a list of 250 dishes, including dim sum and crab porridge.